Gift wrapping option

  • Gift wrapping option
  • Gift wrapping option

This is an option to add gift wrapping to your order.

By default, gift wrapping will be added separately so that you can check your order when you receive it and before offering it, unless you ask me specifically to put the piece inside and close the gift wrapping.

Gift wrapping is composed of a kraft bag and a sticker.
Small pieces will have a black and white sticker and larger ones a black and gold sticker.

If you need to wrap 3 pieces, you have to order 3 gift wrapping. ;)
If you order 3 pieces in my shop and buy only 1 gift wrapping, you'll get only 1 gift wrapping. In this case, it is better if you tell me which piece you want to wrap because there are different sizes.

Gift wrapping is only for jewelry.
And of course, you can't order only gift wrapping. ;)